Parent Groups

Dr. Waddington and Dr. Boorman run a group for parents of children struggling with difficult emotions such as anxiety and anger. The group runs every fortnight on a Wednesday evening for 90 minutes.

Watching your child experience strong feelings , such as anger or anxiety can evoke the most distressing emotions for a parent. Your responses amidst the anxiety provoking situation matters. That’s why we are here. 

Moreoften, when faced with these strong feelings, our solution is to attempt to get rid of the anxiety, fear or frustration in our child’s life and our own. This struggle to change our own and our child’s emotions is often labelled as the ‘dance’.  You and your child engage in a series of moves and steps that lead to an outcome: On occasion it is helpful and your child feels supported and learns helpful coping strategies, gets new insights and confidence. However, most often the dance leads to further upset for everyone and a lack of effective communication, self regulation and problem solving skills you want for your child. Our goals are to change your dance and make you more responsive, rather than reactive as a parent. Therefore: 

Our Goals

  1. Encourage more effective communication, cooperation, competence and autonomy. This in turn will reduce the anxiety and fear that common situations evoke.
  2. Your child will learn to deal more effectively with anxiety


If you think you or someone you know may benefit from this group, please contact us to get more information.